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Shipping costs 

For Europe the following parcel pricing is valid (max. weight 32 kg) 

Country Price (€) per parcel Country  Price (€) per parcel
Belgien/Belgium 16,43 Luxemburg/Luxembourg 16,43
Bosnien/Bosnia 50,25 Montenegro 58,65
Bulgarien/Bulgaria 27,38 Niederlande/Netherlands 16,43
Dänemark/Denmark 20,69 Norwegen/Norway 53,90
Estland/Estonia 36,01 Österreich/Austria 16,84
Färöer/Faroe Islands 220,73 Polen/Poland 22,63
Finnland 26,16 Portugal 23,73
Frankreich/France 16,54 Rumänien/Romania 71,08
UK 17,64 Schweden/Sweden 22,63
Irland/Ireland 35,53 Schweiz/Switzerland 31,13
Island 181,55 Serbien/Serbia 43,08
Italien/Italy 17,53 Slowakei/Slovakia 23,73
Kroatien/Croatia 50,99 Slowenien/Slovenia 28,96
Lettland/Latvia 36,01 Spanien/Spain 19,35
Liechtenstein 27,62 Tschechien/Czech Republic 16,54
Litauen/Lithuania 36,01 Ungarn/Hungary 26,16

+ 0,2 % Insurance rate based on the value of goods

International shipping

Please contact the customer support for shipping rates outside of Europe (Info@bie-dro.de).

Our Partners

Bildergebnis für transoflex logo

For all types of parcel shipping, we commission the Logistic Group trans-o-flex. With this company
we have been working together successfully for several years.

Wahl & Co         Versand-LogossgpOV6A9Vb4ja                             

We have pallet consignments handled by our regional partner 'Wahl & Co.' which cooperates with DHL.


Shipment tracking

All our shipments, whether carton or pallet, are tracked by the systems of Wahl & Co / DHL and trans-o-flex
with real-time information. Thus, you can track your shipment and check the status of the delivery. You will receive the link to the tracking from us by e-mail.


A pick-up of your order is possible after registration at the following times:

Monday - Thursday: 06:15 AM - 02:30 PM
Friday: 06:15 AM - 11:15 AM