B2B Business Shop
For more than 75 years
4,000 brand articles
160€ minimum order
Delivery in 1-2 days

Wholesaler of drugstore products



Is there a minimum order quantity? 

Yes, the minimum order value is 160 € net.

Can I tell you target a prices??

Yes you can. In the shopping cart you can set target prices for the selected products.

Where can I find my orders ?

These can be found in your customer account under the menu item "Orders".


How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are depending on weight, size and location. 

How fast will my goods be delivered?

Delivery time depends on the fact if the goods are on stock or need to be ordered. 

Payment & invoice  

Why is only prepayment accepted?

For new customers we only accept payment in advance. In the course of a good business relationship
we offer the SEPA direct debit mandate. Payment terms can then be negotiated individually.

Why do not I get an invoice immediately?

Our invoices are only produced when the goods are already packed in the warehouse.

Price list & downloads

Is your assortment available as a catalog or in other file formats?

Yes, our assortment is also available as a catalog. We can also offer our assortment in all common formats such as Excel, PDF and CSV as data export. You can
download these formats in your customer account under the menu item 'Price lists'.


My goods didn't arrive. What can I do? 

All our shipments have a shipment tracking. Please contact us, so we can solve the problem. 

My goods are damaged, what can I do?

Please contact customer support, we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Deliveries to private persons

Can I also order as a private person at the bie-dro?

No, we only do B2B business.